The e-mail marketing remains one of the most effective marketing techniques

Customers demand personalized information geared to their interests. A factor where e-mail continues to occupy a special place in the minds of consumers, and is an important source of influence when making a purchase decision, according xplusone study shows.

According to the survey, conducted among a small sample of American consumers, 25% of them takes into account the information received by mail when it comes to deciding to buy. Meanwhile, 16% said that the fact of obtaining a personalized shopping experience is a very positive aspect.

The e-mail marketing remains one of the most effective marketing techniquesAs for the rest of marketing techniques used to encourage conversion, 10% acknowledge that you display advertising is an effective strategy. Consider that customer is under purchase, which is a plus the fact show information directly related to what they seek. In this sense, social networks are in fourth place (9%), followed by mobile phones and video ads (6%) and mobile applications.

32% of consumers believe that communication via mail is the most relevant and appropriate to publicize the proposals of the company. Meanwhile, 15% prefer to display advertising and 12% commitment to social networks for this purpose.

The report reveals itself as a reality, the fact that the e-mail marketing remains today one of the most effective marketing techniques. A fact which found in July Custora. Your keys reside in the ability to reach directly to the customer with a message – oriented interests, and a promise or unique advantage, which leads to conversion. These data are certainly revealing and reflect some of the reasons why email marketing remains key to the business.

However, according to the results of a recent study by Lyris sponsored by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 80% of consumers said that one of its two main frustrations on the use of online business communications is the high number unsolicited messages. However, when asked about how would like to receive information about new products (alternative to traditional advertising form), responses to email placed first. In addition, email is at the head as the preferred communication channel post purchase (52%).

According to another study in this case developed by Custora, based on data obtained during the last 4 years on the behavior of 72 million customers, who bought at 86 different stores, retailers have managed to reach 7% of clients via e-mail marketing.

For businesses, when tap the full potential of email marketing and optimize this type of shipment, it is essential to maintain a base of purified, clean and Actualizad data information. Will allow you to get your real users and be more likely to succeed. If we have also obtained a confirmation by the user double opt-in (double confirmation) we ensure higher quality in shipping and cleaner base data with active accounts. However if it is for single opt-in, no confirmations are verified, for the remainder quality database and provides more quantity, and bounce rates are higher.

Another very important aspect to consider is the increased use of mobile devices. One of the big problems that companies are having when mobile and email integration, is that only 42% of marketers recognized that they were designing their e adapted to mobile devices, and this despite the number open in mobile e is increasing.

According to the latest data offered by Splio, the phones have managed to move the computer as a device for opening emails and Newsletters. And it is that the marks on the other hand, are not adopting the mobile as fast as the market and users are demanding. Sending many emails are still not adapted to these devices, offering a nefarious browsing and reading experience, which translates into a lower conversion and lower sales.Because if the mobile user does not see well the email, delete it directly and keeps the memory of the bad experience.

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