The importance and great power of brand ambassadors

Getting a brand stand out and make a well in the minds of consumers is increasingly difficult. Customers are continually exposed to a multitude of impacts, lots of messages and proposals that are not able to assimilate.

The thing does not improve when, trying to escape the madding crowd refuge in his private environment, looking to enjoy a moment of leisure and relaxation. At that time the bombing continues, whether in the form of pre-roll as may be the case of YouTube, or native advertising in their own social profiles.

The importance and great power of brand ambassadorsGiven this saturation, it is almost impossible dawn. Brands can not continue betting on using the same strategy as the rest, and launch a homogeneous and impersonal message. Instead, they can specialize, and go to that sector more willing to listen, and which probably have not noticed until now: their ambassadors.

Yes, it is those customers and more committed to the brand fans, these fans that are most active in social media, which regularly interact with the brand, and those who have already tried their products. Given this target audience, brands have the advantage of having prior knowledge of the brand and therefore feel certain predisposition to receive your message.

Where and how to get to the brand ambassadors

The first step is to identify those most active users, potential ambassadors, and work to encourage loyalty. To do this, they are at our disposal metrics and analytical tools of social networks, which allow users to know which have recently commented, who are habitual talkers and even the extent and impact of their interactions.

We do not forget to have a special deal with existing customers, those who have already bought and intimate knowledge of our services. Social CRM will help us to have more data on your profile, and therefore for them to design specific actions. It should always keep in mind the need to launch a specific, separate message for each specific niche.

Once identified our ambassadors, the next step is to design a strategy to strengthen its relationship with the brand, and create opportunities to promote engagement. To put this strategy into practice, it is necessary to monitor their social activity, scanning the panorama 2.0 behind their interactions and social mentions. And we develop the ability to make an appearance at the right time with the right message.

How to stay motivated brand ambassadors

The great power of the ambassadors lies in their ability to speak on behalf of the brand, selflessly, and influence their environment. Therefore, these prescribers have to be really committed to it, be proud of belonging to their community, and feel the need to transmit that positive feeling that has generated the brand. Therefore, the strategy must be aimed at generating those expectations in their ambassadors and, of course, satisfy them. A task that is not always easy, but, well planned, can report very positive results in terms of engagement and loyalty. This happens to design specific actions for them, you have them in mind when shooting in exclusive, or testing phase of a product, or to offer progress and information first. With all this gets them feel important, and want to continue to enjoy these privileges.

Ultimately, the goal is to be referenced by a source of influence of the first order, as customers and followers committed to the brand are certainly the best ambassadors you may have.

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