Emotional Intelligence Community Managers

Many are the changes that social media have led since its inception, but certainly head and always to close 2011 facebook again and vanguard leadership position, both for brands and for professions derived from web 2.0

The Community Manager faces a 2012 in which culminate the process of humanization of brands

Paradigms associated with marketing and advertising have been drastically modified. Today is not enough to have a good product, an impeccable reputation and skills to maintain dialogue exchanges (and positive marks) in social profiles. The Community Manager in 2012 must also possess emotional intelligence.

We can not forget that the specific weight of social relations rests on the quality of content and the manner in which they capture the attention of their target groups. That is why we can say that the Community Manager is an indispensable element in the re-definition of the strategy facing brands in 2012.

Emotional Intelligence Community ManagersMove towards the maturation of real-time communication, we have seen how the manager Community have been redrawing its position hand of trends resulting from social interaction.

Emotional intelligence; the client will not be home at 6

Currently, the Community Manager is linked to the “Management” where concept; empathy, communication skills, leadership and permanent connectivity (the client does not go home at 6) are essential to create, manage, manage and grow a community around a brand.

If we link these skills to current trends where decision-making power is held by the consumer and it is through ethics, commitment and the “word” that customer confidence is obtained, it is not surprising that the role of the Community Manager in 2012 is much more than identify trends from answering a series of comments, analyze metrics, manage crises and share quality content.

The Community Manager exercised in 2012 an essential role in any communication strategy of any brand.

We are embedded in a horizontal constructed model and rurally, building ties through emotionality and where relationships with users and their own networks, who ultimately achieve the even generalization of customers ultimate goal of the application of emotional intelligence of a good Community manager.

The skill of the tools and knowledge for the proper management of the technical data and its interpretation to organize actions and teamwork are essential to the growth of the brand.

That is why if we make the most of the emotional intelligence of the new Community Managers, knowledgeable (for precursors) cycle marks “humanized” the administration of the community should be included in the management of the company, so that their actions must be consistent with the rest of the team members. It is essential for the establishment of the time horizon in which the planning contextualize.

We can conclude by stating that emotional intelligence is defined from 5 core capabilities.

  • Identify feelings and emotions. Own (brand) and others (consumers.
  • know how to handle
  • Recognize variations
  • Creating a collective motivation
  • properly manage relationships. (space time)

Do we ring true? … Emotional Intelligence Community Managers in the cycle where brands become human, essential.

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