The companies and brands are hooked to the more visual side of content marketing

Companies have grasped the potential of the images on social networking sites and it seems that your audience is thanking him. Only Instagram, one of the social networks most popular current photo, the engagement has grown 350% in the last year, according to Simply Measured.

Instagram active brands have grown over the previous year by 55% and it seems successful. More frequent publication and type of content they share has caused the engagement has grown 350%. No doubt good news and a vote of confidence for marketers often overlook new social networks uncertainly, not knowing whether your messages will be seen as spam sites where business opportunities are yet to be explored.

The companies and brands are hooked to the more visual side of content marketingAround 70% of the brands currently use Instagram to share content and connect with their digital audiences. Its rate of adoption has been incredibly high and today the social network has 150 million users every day and 40 million photos are posted. Simply Measured and use similar to Pinterest, using 74% of companies, and Google (73%). His power as a tool to gain brand awareness and transmit gains associated with this integer values. Aware of this, 6 out of 10 companies from the Interbrand Top 100 have registered their profile. From Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz or veteran MTV are among the brands with larger audiences and higher levels of engagement.

Interestingly, Instagram users value the content itself, rather than the filters that can be put through the social network because only 30% of the images published marks had any filter and has since last year started a downward trend in its use among businesses.

The human brain is capable of processing a 60,000 times faster than the text image and hence the exponential growth of social networks, photos and videos and other efforts, such as Twitter and Facebook, for be as visual as possible. So the answer in marketing has been directed to increasingly shocking ways that capture the user’s attention at a glance. And it seems that they are getting, as evidenced by the study of Simply Measured.

Not all companies can afford to have graphic designers, content creators and photographers on staff. Which explains perhaps because a recent study reveals that Brafton visual and written content are some of the formats most content marketing are outsourced to companies. Because they have understood the value and importance in their marketing strategies and can not improvise so lightly with sharing images and photographs.

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