92% of companies in the Fortune 1000 bet on the mobile strategy

Data finally give us a break. Although currently only refer to companies increased revenues from the US, the latest survey of Syniverse attests that brands have understood the importance of having a defined mobile strategy which responds to an increasingly widespread tablets use and smartphones to stay connected, share stories on social networks or find the nearest store.

We talk about absolute majority: 92% of the companies of the Fortune 1000 mobile solutions considered an important part of your business. 82% plans to add mobile to their marketing department and 88% say they have already defined a mobile strategy for your business.

92% of companies in the Fortune 1000 bet on the mobile strategyAmong the latter, a good portion are underway. That is, more than half of the companies that have planned their strategy itself are now implementing it. Only 10% of them have not yet begun to develop its strategy. But 24% of US companies with the highest turnover even have already completed.

One of the most interesting findings of the study is that most brands have chosen to outsource the implementation of its mobile strategy and 77% of them has put in the hands of experts rather than internally handle the process.

But ultimately, the important thing is that the bulk of them has taken a firm step in improving the services offered through mobile applications, websites adapted to any device, geolocation services, actions to retain consumers face the showrooming or attract new clientele circulating around your establishment. Endless possibilities to exploit the technological and social potential of the devices that users carry everywhere. According to Google, 40% of mobile searches are related to the local level from which the query. And then, 3 out of 4 of these searches triggers another higher value for brands: visit a store, call, buy or tell their social contacts.

mouth fills us counting the benefits of mobile, but bear in mind that, as happened with the explosion of social networks in business, not enough to be, but knowing how to do it properly. With the amount of data that Internet users are leaving the net on your tastes, experiences, shopping or visiting places, companies have the obligation to ensure a much more personalized than they are currently doing experience. They must be aware of the opportunities offered by the Big Data, and not engage in simple data collection, but look for those that can best be used for the benefit of consumers and therefore to benefit your bottom line.

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