Xbox One versus PS4: The Ultimate Gaming Experience

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have had over two years to bed into the console gaming market, with Microsoft and Sony still pushing to get this new hardware generation off the ground in drastically different circumstances than last time around.

Both have sold millions of their gaming console but which one is better?
Xbox One versus PS4

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The question that gamers who have yet to commit to a particular next-gen console must ask is which machine offers the ultimate gaming experience?

Single Player & Exclusive Titles

Superfast internet connectivity has completely changed the way people play games, as well as altering designs and experiences to accommodate a massively connected audience of players across the world. There was a point at which a persistent internet connection was even going to be a requirement for the Xbox One to function, even during offline gameplay.

However, both Microsoft and Sony still accommodate single player experiences, especially in the sphere of indie gaming. Independent titles that still foster solo play are rife and rising in prominence, with some titles becoming hot exclusives as a result.

2015 will see the arrival of Limbo sequel Inside from small studio Playdead, which Microsoft has secured as an exclusive release for Xbox One.

Meanwhile Sony is a little more impressive when it comes to exclusive triple A games, with the next few months set to see the release of the latest Zombie Call of Duty game from the 80’s where you can shoot down zombies with weapons and if you’re lucky in a tank!  However, although driving a tank on a computer game is one thing there’s nothing better than real life tank driving, if you are looking for a real tank driving experience look no further than …

Multiplayer & Cross Platform Experience

The Xbox One has an impressive online offering in the form of Xbox Live, with the subscription-based access to multiplayer portions of games ensuring that the service works as seamlessly as possible. Microsoft has also been delivering free games each month as part of the Games with Gold scheme to offer added value to customers. Sony’s PS4 has a similar service in the form of PSN, while the console itself is worth praising for its acceptance of the streaming community with full Twitch integration.

Cross-platform releases have been a little more controversial in this generation than the last, with lots of focus being put on the fact that the Xbox One’s slight hardware disadvantage means that some titles are not running as well as they do on the PS4.

Debates over frame rates and resolutions are raging online, but ultimately this is the kind of thing that boils down to other factors, such as which consoles your friends have purchased and whether or not you have your eye on a particular title that is exclusive only to the Xbox One or PS4. In the long run it is still unclear whether Sony or Microsoft will come out on top.

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