SOLOMO, more than a fashion term in the jargon of digital marketing

Although it seems incredible, these abbreviations correspond to three words of special relevance nowadays, they are the combination of Social, Location & Mobile. An increasingly widespread practice, which defines a new era of social communication, where the use of smartphones predominates taking the social networks to the streets to shout from the rooftops: I am here, now and I have a weapon : my smartphone, what do you have for me?

Once upon a time a man stuck to a mobile

It seems that a touch screen has grown in the palm of the users’ hand, which they can not stop looking at, nor touching, while a mocking smile is drawn on their face. The human being is irremediably social, enjoys sharing with others what he is doing at that moment, what he has just bought, the last video that runs on YouTube, or that funny moment he has captured in a photo. Its maxim is: if you do not share it, it has not happened. He is eager for content, companies must be aware of this and know how to take advantage of it: give him reasons to follow your company, interact in your social networks, participate in your promotions and share your products.

Here and now, surprise him with something

That’s what the potential customers of your company are looking for, that you call their attention every day with news in your store or establishment at street level, with interesting offers designed for them. He has gone out to the outside world equipped with his smartphone, 88% like to label their preferred locations. Actively seek information about what is in your environment, check in those places that are interesting, share with others where you have a coffee, or that appetizing menu that you are savoring, and that you would surely recommend to your contacts, if Would I get a free dessert in return?

Give him a reason to follow you and move the world

It is open to your proposals, you just need to stop and think, how can I take advantage of this new situation? Social networks are on your side, they are a powerful sales tool, with a capacity for viralization hitherto unknown. The success of mobile applications is still reaching its peak, but for now related to games and entertainment content and have great popularity, surely comes to mind at this time. This week we discovered that 62% of users include geolocation in their updates on social networks

Is your business ready for the SOLOMO era ?

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