Promotions and discount coupons become increasingly social and mobile

This is demonstrated by the fifth wave of the RedPlum Purse Study, which reveals that promotions and coupons are becoming increasingly social and mobile.

The need sharpens the ingenuity, the current economic situation has led users to undertake an exhaustive search of offers and promotions. Nothing escapes the sniffing sniff of consumers, 6 out of 10 consumers spend up to 2 hours a week in the search and capture of some method of saving. Your effort gets a deserved benefit, since it is estimated that you can save up to $ 30 a week, thanks to the coupons.

In addition, it should be noted that the method of research and detection of these promotions is becoming an increasingly social activity. 83% of users share and exchange coupons with their family and friends.This fact can become a very useful resource that companies can use to get fans and thus increase their social relevance. The figures show that 67% of users would give a “Like” on Facebook to those pages that will compensate with a 25% discount, while 75% would be willing to subscribe to a newsletterfor that same amount of benefit. Other actions that consumers could carry out are to send tweets or retweet.

The mobile has been constituted as an effective device to find and enjoy this type of succulent discounts. Within 30 days of the study conducted by RedPlum, 21% of users used their smartphone to use a coupon that had received via mail, 18% of them agreed to discounts received via text message, while another similar percentage was downloaded coupons and 19% used it to compare offers. The relationship between mobile device and Social Media is indissoluble, 12% sought opportunities in social media through their smartphone.

The great advantage of pocket screens is that the user can actively seek information about the product they need anywhere, as well as find timely offers at a precise moment. This feature can extend its effectiveness if we apply this behavior by users to actions based on geolocation.

Do you use this type of economic incentives to increase your sales? And to increase your community in Social Media? What kind of actions have you carried out?

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