Content healing, more important than it seems

Within the development of content marketing, there is a fundamental point that many people do not give the importance they should, since it is the starting point of our strategy. We are referring, of course, to the curation of content.

As we all know, curing content consists of choosing content to share through our social profiles, which should be appropriate to our editorial line, philosophy and objectives.

The McMillan dictionary defines it as “the process of analyzing and choosing web content to subsequently organize and present it appropriately around a specific topic”, while for the expert Brian Solís “the thoughts, ideas and words of others can be useful to establish yourself as a source of added value, as well as a reference in your niche ”

For this reason, more and more experts give importance to the choice of content, which requires extra work, since, as indicated by eMarketer data, for 75% is a challenge in terms of having time for this it is concerned, while for 73% it is useful to create original content.

The objectives of locating this interesting content are mainly related to brand image, as eMarketer also demonstrates, since 86% of users use it as a means of positioning themselves as experts and leaders in a certain topic, 80% to increase its visibility and 65% use it to improve its web positioning.

Social networks are a perfect medium to locate that interesting and relevant content that we speak of, thanks to the large amount of information that moves through them on a daily basis. In fact, different media such as social platforms or Sysomos demonstrate this.

It is necessary to bear in mind that, for example, YouTube uploads more than 72 hours of information per minute to the network, and that more than one hundred and forty million messages are sent to the web through Twitter. These two statistics show us the importance of social networks as an instrument for locating content.

In addition, according to Forbes, users use social markers, content aggregators and platforms such as or for this task because of the ease with which they choose the content they want to receive, using key words or specific topics.

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