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Emotional Intelligence Community Managers

Many are the changes that social media have led since its inception, but certainly head and always to close 2011 facebook again and vanguard leadership position, both for brands and for professions derived from web 2.0

The Community Manager faces a 2012 in which culminate the process of humanization of brands

Paradigms associated with marketing and advertising have been drastically modified. Today is not enough to have a good product, an impeccable reputation and skills to maintain dialogue exchanges (and positive marks) in social profiles. The Community Manager in 2012 must also possess emotional intelligence.

We can not forget that the specific weight of social relations rests on the quality of content and the manner in which they capture the attention of their target groups. That is why we can say that the Community Manager is an indispensable element in the re-definition of the strategy facing brands in 2012. Continue reading Emotional Intelligence Community Managers