Email Marketing Incentive, yes or yes

The incentive is directly related to the purchase motivation systems in Email Marketing, since one of the main motivators that move the ACTION to the recipients of the email is the incentive. The approach may be different depending on the objective of the campaign that normally it is given by two great courses to follow, the loyalty or the recruitment. Without forgetting obviously the virality that applies to both approaches. But the fundamental objective is the fact of the Newtonian principle of action-reaction.

For what is sought with the incentive is the user’s reaction to a positive stimulus, which will benefit us in different ways based on the approach we have given to the campaign and depending on the goal that we have set. The effectiveness of the incentive is measured by the quantified results of the reaction of each user and it is essential that this has been previously studied based on the target to which we are addressing. Since the result will depend not on the approach that we talked about previously, but on the stimulus that we are going to create in the user. And that stimulus is directly related to the INCENTIVE.
That must adapt to the concerns of the target.If we talk about virality and pretend with our piece that our clients or users recommend us to their clonic environment? We must encourage this action in the form of a raffle or contest giving the possibility of integrating into this game of chance also the new individual that will be part of our customer base, our base of opportunities, our Internet portal or our web community. But before we will have to make a preliminary study of who our prescribers are, since we intend, like any organization, to capture quality leads and not store in our database an infinity of records addicted to the incentive.
When we talk about incentive recruitment we come to say something like that our creative piece or email is the incentive that can be an exclusive offer with the intention of converting leads or potential clients into customers. And when we talk about incentivized loyalty we do not precisely stick to virality but we have the great opportunity to encourage the relationship with our users or customers by offering them an added value that is summarized in stimulating the life cycle with raffles, contests, flash games that imply a prize, low cost software and a long list of small pills. empathy that helps to make the relationship more satisfactory for our users and that are strictly related to the sector of our company and the profile of our customers.

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