Clues about hiring a freelance marketing consultant online

In fact, this need may arise at different times within the course of a business, yes, regardless of when given, it will be capital for the proper functioning of the business choose the right person to develop online marketing functions . If within the company is already responsible with good notions in this matter, this process will be simpler but the question gets it when crossed these 3 points:

– The person who decides, the online marketing sounds you Chinese

– You can not resort to any clear reference by any known or familiar

– For reasons of budget you cannot pay a company like human resources or to search for you

Clues about hiring a freelance marketing consultant onlinePrevious question: do you need a freelance really?

The first question before pouncing on the subject is that I do? a freelance contract, fiche an agency or a marketing manager. For a quick reflection on this issue you can read the article:”How to grow your business by hiring marketing services”. Mainly, these are the 3 reasons why you should go for this option:

  • You have a limited budget and the other two options (internal hiring agency or person) are prohibitive for you
  • The work you need are very specific and only need to get a few hours a month bill
  • You need a special schedule flexibility that an agency can provide you not

Keys to know to hire a freelance effective online marketing

Well, once located in this scenario, the keys to making a good choice are:

1- Check some personal references: If we have access to the curriculum or just watching a little LinkedIn profile where you can find some companies ask what was the experience of collaboration or contracting of the person concerned.

2- Examine your online presence: If a freelance online marketing does not have a strong online presence with a blog or web page and active in social networks (even a little), this option should be ruled out. You cannot trust your online presence to someone who does not care his.

3- Delve into its portfolio of customers: It is very interesting that a freelance explain, discuss some of the complications found previous customers and expose how these situations solved positively. Another important point is if you have already worked with clients like yourself or the same sector.

4- Distrust proposals extraordinarily cheap: If you are looking for a certain level profile, this person will have formed, conscientiously worked with other clients and their personal image. This requires effort and determination; you think then that this freelance will present proposals really cheap? Rather not …

5- Search references on your resume training consistent: For instance, if you are looking for a professional to your google adwords campaigns, it would be advisable to have the certificate of Google. And if it is a rather strategic profile that has to its credit a master of digital marketing which has touched the most important areas.

6- Ability to understand your business model: Here it’s a matter over “feeling”. If you see that has too gridded view of marketing strategy and is not the work of the relationship you reach consensus will be difficult. It is also true that he knows more than your marketing but if you have good communication skills to convince you knows the way to go.

7- Test duality of capabilities needed for responsible marketing:

  • Artistic capabilities: For content creation and social media strategies.
  • Analytical skills: To do a test of how it is handled with google analytics for example

What do you think are the keys to hire a good freelance online marketing?

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