What is copywritting? How I can use it successfully?

Starting from the beginning, the copywritting is the process of writing a text with the intention to market or promote a person, business, product or idea.

Imp0rtante is why it is quite obvious, we need to present the best possible way our products or services so that they are purchased. A bad show, or presented in a persuasive little can cost us a very low level of sales when maybe what we sell is of high quality.

What is copywritting How I can use it successfullyHow can we prepare a “copywritting” persuasive?

If you want to connect and significantly increase your sales options here are some tips:

1- Know your audience: For whom you write? What do they expect from your product? You must be able to answer these questions to mark the style in your text and sound close to them.

2- Do yourself a list of possible objections: The most effective is to make a preliminary market research and see what are the main reasons why someone “do not buy” a product like yours. Once you know and define, mind your texts you can solve.

3- Determine your value proposition: More questions to answer: Why do you have to buy? What are the strengths of your product? You have to be able to exhibit about 2-3 relevant reasons because your product apart from the rest.

4- Set a goal and calls for action to users: The goal may be a sale, a registration, a product test … once defined tell customers they made. If you do not you do them you will not read minds

5- Constant testing: Test various possibilities with a test A / B to further optimize your sales page.

6- Remove words that may reflect doubts: There are some words such as “may”, “almost” or “perhaps” the only thing that will make your text is to subtract credibility so try to eliminate them altogether.

7- Try not to overload of information: Web design sometimes they say “white is your friend”, in the end have to try to simplify and provide only what is essential for the sale of the product.

8- Shows transparency in important respects: I mean the prices and benefits including product or services so that nobody feels cheated.

9- Includes recommendations and references: Make no mistake, the best advertising is word of mouth. What customers want to see is to see how others have solved the same needs what you sell.

10- The purchase decision should be simple: Ideally your customers know everything you need with a good headline and a good slogan. With that, you can now create excitement.

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