How to make a memorable interview for your blog

All blogs with an intense pace of publication need occasionally some turn to avoid falling into too recognizable routines that can reach “boring” to readers. It is clear that with all the diversity of blogs that there are now active, seek specialization is to give personality to your blog but it is also true that in this field the walls are closer to be always 100% original with content, and that is where you will find the interviews an exhaust valve to provide fresh air to your blog.

Modern business conceptWhy do interviews in reality?

If you are not yet completely decided to start doing interviews you can consider the following reasons:

1- It is a fantastic to contact “influencers” in your field reason: Here you’ll notice some more accessible than others but if plan a good interview and put it easy to not see a huge investment of time, have in tray a good piece of content. These “influencers” surely published in your twitter for example and gain some visibility with it.

2- Your blog other approaches and opinions feeds: Since you’re always yourself the messenger, let it be for a day another and so you give a little pizzazz to your blog.

3- Give your readers a different side of yourself: This facet of reporter will help your followers know you a little more, that’s always good to keep building your community.

The key to a good interview

Once you’ve convinced you now only need to have cleared some issues that will help whenever you want to ask a good interview:

1- Carefully pick your interview: The person you most like to interview you do not have to be the most suitable. Me for example I would love to interview Michael Jordan but would not be best suited for this blog. Therefore, think who fits your “editorial line” and your readers.

2- Prepare thoroughly: Leafing through some of his earlier interviews, latest activity, what their strengths and points the most complicated, intuit a little “way of being” to find what kind of interview is going to be the most appropriate.

3- Fixed While the structure of questions: Once you know the time you have intended that the number of questions is not excessive because at the end you can stay without doing some that you consider important. Moreover, it is advisable to go under more specific, so that no leaks audience to the point too quickly.

4- Make a good introduction: It never hurts to enter your interview with 4 key facts and explain to the audience what the points that will play in the interview are.

5- Interprets points between the respondent and the public: If you’ve chosen well the interviewee, there are always some issues that people are interested in knowing more. For example, if interviewing an expert in social media marketing for a blog two key issues would be the social networks that use the most and the most frequent mistakes of a community manager if you go further.

6- Do not lose control of the interview: It is very easy to lose time when respondents are exceeded your answer or when deviates from the central theme you want to try. To do this, try to cut politely to remedy the situation.

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