Very soon McDonalds customers can make and pay your orders via mobile phone

Make fast food even faster in something can seem complicated, but McDonalds is working on it to provide more convenience to customers around the world. To convert to mobile your burger business.

The fast food giant is testing a new mobile payment application, currently only in a couple of locations in Utah and Texas to make and pay for orders via a smartphone.

Very soon McDonalds customers can make and pay your orders via mobile phoneAccording to company spokeswoman Lisa McComb, the effort may be the start of something big. “We are testing this technology in a few markets, so it is premature to speculate about the decisions we take after the test, but we are excited to offer our customers in the future an innovative experience.”

The order and payment will be mobile. The collection in the store

Once you have commissioned the order, customers can pick them up directly at the counters of the restaurants or in the windows of the McAutos. Perhaps the next step, to complete the circle and still make life easier for their faithful consumers, the company would have to start home delivery.

This summer we knew that 52% of users think that having an application helps to increase their interest in buying that brand. McDonalds does not ignore these data, nor that there is a high percentage of Internet users (41%), especially in the United States, the main reason for using mobile applications is to obtain discounts and offers. (Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange). So the king of fast food you plan to include in the system special promotions and offers a loyalty program.

The market for mobile applications is already going through the roof.Forecasts for 2013 speak of this investment growth by 85%, according to ABI Research. McDonalds would come to join this tide and to launch its “orders mobile” would be tremendous for mobile in the field of fast food breakthrough, because the American brand has 34,000 local spread around the world.

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