90% of companies considered to have improved their ROI in social media

Measure the ROI on social networks is a highly complex task. Undoubtedly, one of the major challenges marketers face every day. The study by Ad Age and RBC Capital Markets has analyzed this area, noting that Google is positioned as the social network that gets the best ROI.

According to the assessment of the 1,200 respondents who participated in the study, Google got a score of 2.1 out of 6, with 1 being the most important. Closely followed by Facebook with 2.22 points, while Twitter took bronze with 3.04 Linkedin and had to settle with 3.38 points.

90% of companies considered to have improved their ROI in social mediaAlthough Facebook stands out is the first choice in the strategy of Social Media 80% of companies, profitability has declined in recent months because companies have allocated more resources on this channel, specifically on its platform advertising. This increased investment has led him to place it in second position. This continues to benefit the network of networks, specifically income to your account. 74% of survey participants hired ads on Facebook, a percentage that has increased markedly in recent months. The figures show that in June last year just over half of the companies invested in Facebook Ads, and currently 3 out of 4 has implemented these actions within your online marketing plan.

The general outlook is positive towards social networks. 9 out of 10 companies surveyed see improved or at least maintained their return on investment.

Companies involved in Social Media strategy

35% of respondents considered highly involved with your business activity on social networks. Meanwhile, 32% admit that closely follows the Social Media strategy that makes your company. This shows a real commitment by these means as an effective tool to reach the target audience.

What budget earmarked for their actions on social networks?

40% of the companies that participated in the study has an annual budget of less than $ 500,000 marketing. Of these, 28% intended as more than 10% to its strategy of Social Media, along with the 18% that invests about 20%.The study also highlights the clear commitment to social networks by 17% of respondents who spend more than half of its budget.

According to data, social networks have earned a deserved place within the marketing plan companies, who have noted their profitability, and the advantages of betting by these means. This is just the beginning of change in the social media have been proposed catch up conventional. A goal toward advancing at a slow pace, but safe.

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