It is useless if no one can find you

So bluntly this statement sounds; but while a few years ago so that people would find our business or company it was enough to appear in the yellow pages and put a sign on the nearest road, now that sounds like the last century. Are the Yellow Pages? Does that still exist? Yes, shoes countless furniture of households, the pair used to light the fireplaces and summer barbecues rest of homes.

So these homes where now seeking the services, products or professionals who need? Does anyone still questions at home where are the yellow pages to find a plumber? At most someone will ask for the password or why wi-fi internet is so slow.

It is useless if no one can find youAnd these two issues preparatory have a single purpose search. Getting into Google or some other search engine, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to introduce their beautiful box decorated gamely as they send the canons of the holy seeker, what we need and that we are willing to find whatever it costs us.

Whatever it takes us … as long as it is not beyond the third page of search as much. Moreover, if searching in google heating plumber us appears on the first page anything else that we like is very likely to end up buying a video game Nintendo plumbers because’ve found a bargain by chance.

And that “chance” is not. That chance is what is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or more commonly known as tools for positioning web pages in the first paragraphs of google when someone introduces a series of keywords (keywords) in the beautiful locker google.

This does not mean that Google wants to sell Mario Bros video games when you search on google plumber. But there are a number of experts in analyzing offer “something” that you feel need or really need to introduce that you were looking seeking behaviors seasoned enough on the subject.

But the really successful of all this, is when just what you are looking for appear on the first results of your search. You feel like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It makes you feel a real expert in Internet searches.You found what you wanted just two mouse movements. You have found the best plumber heater in your city.

The Best Plumber heater that may not be the best, that may not be the closest, and may not be the cheapest. Of one thing you can be sure you’re at the cleverest of his guild. And surely its position in the first paragraphs for you to find it is no accident, nor fruit of your investigatory skills in the style of Sherlock Holmes.

Most likely, this plumber heating has long realized that his phone appeared in a decent size with magnifying glass to read the yellow pages that nobody uses. That every time anyone saw her phone in the van carrying labeled, called him asking for his email or web page. And the third customer who asked in his shop because it could not find him FourSquare from your smartphone … something was going on.

Customers are still there, like needs. What has changed is the way search we found them. If you know take advantage of this new way of interacting, your business will have gained much more than placing that ad you put 10 years on the football field your son, and what not play there.

How many people see a physical ad located on a local leisure area of an average neighborhood? Of all those people who see the ad actually how many are fixed on it? Of the fixing, how many need a plumber? And all those people who see it, how many already know of your existence?

But now, for those who come, call, they ask … how many are there really interested? Possibly a high percentage, because they are people looking for a plumber. In addition, he is calling people from outside the neighborhood, is calling people from out of town, you can even call someone abroad who neither live. Some we can not meet them by distance, but others may be able to send any parts not in your city, by a courier.

In our plumber be visible and become one of the most sought after professionals in their sector in the country, it has cost him a website and hire a SEO positioning services with online marketing consultant.

The vast majority of times when we think of online marketing strategies we think of large accounts. We think multinational behemoth like Coca-Cola or Pepsi … but I really think that Google needs to do SEO on the corporate website of Coca-Cola to appear on the first page?

Online marketing strategies are ideal for companies or professionals who want to gain visibility and they want to be found because even today no one sees them.

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