How to turn your brand into a “lovebrand” through Social Media

‘Lovebrand’ or ‘lovemark’ is a marketing concept that aims to replace the traditional brand idea as we know it. The idea behind the concept is that the only thing that can keep a brand in time is ‘love’. Kevin Roberts, who developed the term, states that the secret lies in a balance between mystery, sensuality and intimacy.

Sephora celebrated one year in social networks, and Communicant is the agency that accompanies the brand in the design and execution of the online strategy. The objective was to establish a close relationship of trust with the fans and convert the profiles and pages into a space for the exchange of experiences around the brand.

In this way, position the brand as the meeting point of the conversation about beauty. The strategy strongly focused on content, strongly cohesive with the personality of the brand: excellent, audacious, spontaneous and emotional.

At the same time brands and products were presented interactively, improving customer service and developing promotions and collaborations in networks and blogs.

The first steps were taken in the unification of the brand experience, taking people from networks to the store and from the store to the networks, to achieve a relationship that transcends the mere act of purchase.

In the following video, the brand explains the keys to its success and the learning acquired throughout this year. Some of the highlights:

  • The key is the relationship with the fans, each content or activity developed seeks to deepen that relationship.
  • Consider social networks as a very important part in a comprehensive communication plan.
  • Having a strong, enthusiastic and committed community is a valuable asset for a brand.
  • Listening to fans and consumers is the best way to learn from them, to understand their needs and improve decision-making processes. Social CRM to treat each client as if it were the only one.
  • An effective and profitable presence in social networks, requires time and resources, and must be aligned with corporate objectives.

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