Social, Local and Mobile: The trident of the new era of Digital Marketing

The hyperconnectivity of consumers is causing the proliferation of techniques based on the social behavior of customers, adding a component of geolocation and an extra personalization. The potential of the combination SOLOMO (Social, Local and Mobile) is making brands rethink their strategy to get new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones.

The location allows knowing the specific needs of the users in a certain geographical area.

According to Keynote Competitive Research, 88% of mobile device users actively seek local information; Many of them even geotarget their updates on social networks.

This translates into increasing the possibilities for companies to connect with their customers locally, on a more intimate level. The Mobile Audience Report published by JiWire shows that 60% of Facebook users between 25 and 54 years old tag their photos and publications, adding their location. This behavior also occurs in Twitter and Instagram, in percentages similar to those of the social network par excellence.

How to really take advantage of SOLOMO: Companies must bet firmly on the engagement

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Clients demand shouting for interesting offers, personalized treatment, enjoying certain exclusive benefits. Localization and personalization are the data that companies have to take into account mainly to achieve this greater specialization in their marketing campaigns, only this way they will increase their effectiveness.

Fortunately, we can already see how some brands are integrating these features in their e-commerce stores, as well as in their social marketing strategies. 22% of retailers apply solutions based on geotargetization and an additional 12.8% plans to include it in a period of no more than six months.

For their part, customers increasingly provide more information about their preferences, tastes and purchase intention; This is a great opportunity for companies to personalize their message, create the most appropriate offers and improve the shopping experience.

Keys to the success of the SOLOMO strategy: they decide how, when and where

Users demand personalized experiences, which in turn must take care of two fundamental aspects: on the one hand, respect the independence of the user, their freedom to decide how and when to accept the proposal of the company; and on the other, the flexibility of the tools that the brand uses; so that he is able to interpret his specific needs and offer him what really suits them. In this way the user can not resist.

Companies must never forget that their main purpose is not to achieve an increase in sales volume, but to encourage engangement, gain and maintain user loyalty; In addition, it will provide you with more information and help improve your brand awareness among your contacts. Does your Social Media strategy include the advantages of SOLOMO? How do you take advantage of it?

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