Is it really a priority for retailers improve customer experience?

Although it may seem illogical, the answer is NO. Consumers and companies have differing views on what really matters when making purchasing decisions prospects. The main difference is that retailers do not assume the vital importance of customer experience.

The study data show diametrically opposed BloomReach between what customers expect differences and priorities of retailers. Customer care experience is essential. 31% of consumers is more willing to buy if the company provides a personalized shopping experience, as well as content and product recommendations tailored to your interests. However, only 2% of retailers considered important to provide your public, this customized experience, in order to increase the conversion.

Is it really a priority for retailers improve customer experienceAlso, 59% of the thousand participants consumers in the study claims that the online experience is more suited to their needs, while 80% of retailers denies this possibility, rejecting the idea that the online medium can exceed the quality of service and personal attention that the company provides offline level.

On the other hand, 34% of companies believe that the reputation of the brand is a decisive factor for customers when deciding on the brand you buy factor. However, for 85% of consumers, this is not the main feature.

What customers face reality?

Nearly half of buyers (46%) consider that your shopping experience is unsatisfactory. More than half of customers surveyed by Interactions Marketing (54%) complain that the treatment received by the respondents is not suited to their expectations. This frustration causes about 1 in 4 customers prefer to go to the competition, rather than complain at the shop.

This study refutes the findings in the report; “Great Expectations” by Qmatic showed that 72% of customers were not satisfied with the quality of service received, while 82% of retailers hoped that providing a satisfactory experience Your clients.

Therefore, companies have to abandon their egocentric stance, and start listening to customers, taking care to identify their real needs. Thus, they may develop strategies focused on improving your experience, and adapted to what they really expect.

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