Five arguments to show that email is still a powerful marketing tool

Despite being one of the most ancient and trite techniques that exist, email marketing is not only not dead, but despite the passing time, is still a powerful tool able to report great results and high effectiveness.

Despite the proliferation of other channels, disciplines and marketing strategies, the moment of truth, the email continues to hold a privileged place to bring brand messages to customers and consumers. And no shortage of arguments for it…

The e-mail marketing records conversion rates higher than the average of other digital strategies

According to the latest study picks Adestra, on average, companies attribute 23% of its sales to e-mail marketing, 5% more than the previous year (18%).Also, 24% of the companies referred to 30% of its sales to e-mail marketing, 12% more than two years (18%) does.

Five arguments to show that email is still a powerful marketing toolThis is the technique that greater ROI reports

The income recorded by the shares of e-mail marketing has increased by 28% last year, positioning him as the channel greater return on investment records, according Adestra. A score that is far from that recorded by the hiring of paid advertisements (54%), mobile marketing (35%) and online advertising (33%), which was the lowest rated of the table.

It helps increase base contacts interested

The data provided in February by Ascend “indicated that e-mail marketing was an effective strategy for 87% of companies. In addition, 68% of these organizations had been able to see an increase in the number of leads.

It is perfectly integrated technique within marketing strategy

The data provided in February by Ascend2 showed how e-mail marketing as part of the overall strategy. Thus, the main concern of marketers (80%) is to provide relevant content, along with customizing the message (72%) and segment the audience (61%). Objectives that e-mail marketing can achieve.

Users continue to see your inbox daily

This is, if anything, the main advantage of e-mail marketing. In the US, 79% of consumers reviewed every day your mailbox. This is a personal medium, which allows access segmented and direct a message designed based on specific characteristics, or previous experience.

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