8 out of 10 employees would like their CEO was 2.0

It seems that there is an incompatibility between the functions of head of a company, or CEO, and its activity in social media. The final report signed by Domo and CEO.com indicated that 68% of the directors of companies within the Fortune 500 had not registered profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

This kind of anti posture Social Media defines large affects not just for show, but within the organization itself. 80% of employees would prefer that their CEO develop an activity on social networks. This is reflected in the infographic Refresh. Also, do not lose hope; half of them expect your boss to start acting on these channels over the next 5 years.

However, there are other cases of CEOs who have dared to immerse themselves in the world 2.0. Needless to say is, preferably mostly young professionals. The average age of these “social” CEOs is 38 years.

8 out of 10 employees would like their CEO was 2.0As a result of this activity, we find that they have managed to create a social environment in social media, consisting of an average of 930 contacts on LinkedIn, 3,900 Twitter followers and 630 Facebook friends. This is a significant amount of connections and links, well managed, could open the door to synergies and business agreements.

The benefits highlighted in the Data Refresh for these CEOs are to improve communication both within and within the organization, strengthen its leadership as the main reference of the company, show greater transparency on the part of the organization, and contribute to improving the brand image.

Not surprisingly, the fact open a channel to the head of the company indicates a predisposition to dialogue. It is an act of openness, a willingness to listen and facilitate communication. Attributes that have a direct impact on the organization.

What examples of social CEOs can highlight?

As if significant presence in Social Media is especially relevant figure Elon Musk, CEO of Space Transportation Spacex and cofounder of PayPal. His initiative to remain accessible through 2.0 channels has served to register twice mentions on social networks than other leading technology companies, such as Tim Cook, Amazon (36,316 vs. 18,739). Third we find Jeff Bezos, Amazon visible figure, which in turn has managed to overtake Mark Zuckerberg, father of Facebook, who should lead by example.

It is worth mentioning that in the top 5 presented in this collection absent other responsible for the giants of social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Definitely, and paraphrasing Oscar Santo , communication specialist and expert in online reputation and personal brand on CEOs bear the added responsibility of acting as a visible representative and ambassador of your company. A task that involves their performance on social networks, and which should not avoid any longer.

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