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8 out of 10 employees would like their CEO was 2.0

It seems that there is an incompatibility between the functions of head of a company, or CEO, and its activity in social media. The final report signed by Domo and CEO.com indicated that 68% of the directors of companies within the Fortune 500 had not registered profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

This kind of anti posture Social Media defines large affects not just for show, but within the organization itself. 80% of employees would prefer that their CEO develop an activity on social networks. This is reflected in the infographic Refresh. Also, do not lose hope; half of them expect your boss to start acting on these channels over the next 5 years.

However, there are other cases of CEOs who have dared to immerse themselves in the world 2.0. Needless to say is, preferably mostly young professionals. The average age of these “social” CEOs is 38 years. Continue reading 8 out of 10 employees would like their CEO was 2.0