7 skills that every online retailer should dominate

Enter the Internet age effectively is not easy. To cope in the arena of online relationships you need to have some preparation, and develop a number of basic and essential skills.

Those companies wishing to capitalize on the advantages of internet, you must know the techniques necessary to implement their strategies. Here we describe the most important, drawn from the infographic of Formstack.

7 skills that every online retailer should dominateAnalytical capacity. Both to learn online activity page, and to assess the progress of the digital strategy. Whether in social networks or on the Internet, it is important to know in real time the evolution of the actions, in order to be able to react accordingly.

Domain Social Media. Social networking is a channel with great potential for reaching customers, and get their favorable treatment. Contrary to what you may come to think, develop an online presence is to have created a profile on Facebook, or post a tweet occasionally. First, the main goal of a brand on social networks must be to promote engagement, win his community. It should also be borne in mind that there is life beyond these two platforms, Pinterest and Instagram win whole with each passing day. Social Media is still everything to do, and each brand has the opportunity to create something great in this environment. Not surprisingly, 92% of marketers think that social networks have great potential for your business.

Technical skills. This is a requirement demand today 50% of job – related marketing. Have basic knowledge of programming and web management is therefore essential to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet. If this knowledge go further and become more professional, know in depth the potential of the medium, and will be ready to develop more comprehensive strategies.

Having an integrated work team, bringing together the various disciplines of marketing. Thus they may share strategies, share achievements and develop a combined global strategy. Union make force.

Newsjacking practice. Stay tuned for today and real time monitoring allows to act on the edge of the news. Sometimes unique opportunities, well used, can generate an unprecedented engagement and can launch the brand to stardom arise. It ‘s all about keeping active radar and squander creativity in abundance.

Personhood. Yes, everything is digital in the online environment. In fact, this world is mainly composed of people. After all, social media is something that can only be developed between humans. Therefore, both the customer relations, as in the workplace itself, or in negotiating with suppliers, you need to be close, outgoing, empathetic and assertive; in short, to act as a person. Surprised to think that no personal implications for 90% of labor problems.

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