10 lessons of management you should not forget as marketer

In recent times, if we look at job opportunities for marketers that are on the market, increasingly they are demanding more knowledge and skills to candidates. You have to be very up to date to consider yourself a modern marketer and know what characteristics should have a good marketing manager and not only at the level of technical knowledge but all those “intangibles” of management that can differentiate you and add value to your career.

10 lessons of management you should not forget as marketerLessons from management to consider as marketer

As head of marketing what is expected of you it is to be the area that cushions the relationship between top management and your team, as an essential part in that connection you must have trained a number of skills and related concepts:

1- Set realistic goals, no, really realistic: When we refer to realistic is it achievable. Surely means redouble your efforts and motivate your people but much has to be in sight of all. Embarking on unattainable goals just to impress a board for example can lead to a climate of demotivation.

2- Have a game plan, but conserve it secretly: Your game plan should incorporate long -term and short – term actions. You can be working in your day to day and devising a game plan together. You must keep it a secret to protect you and your team, your boss or company cannot agree.

3- Avoid corseted thought: If you arrive one morning to the office and your team will pose a great idea but not fighting bureaucracy and established just saying “no” leave little chance in the air to move forward with new projects.

4- Be above interdepartmental wars: I could not explain why but the marketing department is often confronted with someone else. These battles always come to points of mere disqualification of one another and do nothing constructive, but what they do is make sure find no meeting point. To develop marketing strategies within a corporation, you need the cooperation of other departments.

5- Share what you know: Let’s see, if you teach someone what you know, that we stand? An opportunity or a threat? Ready see it as an opportunity to be replaced when you get promoted. There is also the concept of “karma” the more you give more get in return.

6- Look at the forest and the trees: Should not keep staring at a fixed point in your department or activity. The environment or context will give us some clues to optimize marketing actions or “catch” any new business opportunity we had not taken into consideration.

7- Make one or two things well and avoid the rest: Applied to marketing, you should know what your specialty. You are more technical or analytical profile? Are you good content marketing? You know when you throw a good social media campaign? You play too many sticks will make mediocre at everything.

8- Be proactive, not reactive: You need time to plan, you cannot let the daily consume all your time as it can go in the end only reacting to events. Planning will make you anticipate and develop parallel plans more effectively to unforeseen events.

What specific weight management lessons have to be a good marketer?

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