Pinterest, how do you look for SEO?

Is there someone who has not yet heard about Pinterest? Yes, that virtual board where you can “click” on your photos and what you like best about everything you find on the web. Lately we do not talk about anything else in the online world, it seems that we have discovered the eighth wonder, but is it really that much? Will the expectations that have been created around it be met?

For the moment he has gotten you to take the bait, curiosity has made you; You have worked hard to get an invitation, with which you agreed to create your account, thus entering the Pinterest world. So far so good, but have you re-entered since then? If yes, how much time do you usually spend? Have you noticed any kind of benefit?

As you can see, everything is unknown, in our country the penetration rate is still low, although, everything is said, this social network has aroused a strong interest in a short time, we will have to wait to see if this interest is maintained or is treated only of a passing fad, because surely it comes to mind more than one social network with a lot of potential that was expected a lot at first, and finally was forgotten …

But we do not advance events, in principle, as restless minds that we are, we will dedicate ourselves to experiment with this new tool and we will give it an opportunity; It is true that little by little you have been able to see that the search engine par excellence, the big G, is already showing in its search results some Pinterest pages, so it would not hurt for you to take it into account and worry a bit to optimize your plank account. For this, take into account the following aspects:

  • You need to contribute your own content, share your own images. It is very good to repine what you find interesting, but here the content is also king, and your profile will become more relevant if your images are unpublished.
  • Make sure that the images you place on your boards have a seofriendly name, it will be of little use to you to be called img1.jpg and derivatives. The same happens with the boards themselves, if for example you name one of them “Clothes to go out” will always have less relevance than “Party dresses”.
  • Pinterest offers you nothing less than 500 characters to describe your pins, use them all, provide information of interest related to each image and do not forget to add a link to your page.
  • At the end of the day it is another social network, where you interact and generate community, so, in addition to using it to present your products or services, do not stop pinning and repining, share relevant information, follow interesting people and contribute content from quality.
  • It facilitates the virality in Pinterest of your web, it includes its button so that your users can share your content.

In short, take advantage of the pull of this fun social network and launch to pine, is another tool at your disposal to increase your visibility on the network, only time will tell if expectations are met, meanwhile how much Pinterest looks for you ?

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