Think global, act locally: Online marketing for small businesses

Every day you hear about the fact that the internet is no longer the present, but the future … you know about the success of companies that have increased their volume of business thanks to social networks. You created your website, because “you had to be” but you think that’s not for you, you have a small local business and you do not expect your customers to go to Google before coming to see you … who told you that Is internet only for large companies? Take a look at all the things you can do:

Increase your presence on the internet. Your goal is to get the most results in Google, using all the options at your fingertips:

Prepare your website for geolocation, do not forget to take special care of the following data:

Optimize your search criteria by adding the location, lean on the Google tool for keywords, to know the search trends, and diversify your strategy, do not insist on working only the main criterion, eg if you have a restaurant in Valencia, you will also be interested in positioning yourself for “where to eat in Valencia” There is a large market niche in related searches, which will give you quality traffic.

Generates useful and quality content,optimized for search engines. Update your website periodically with fresh content, and keep in mind that not only text lives Google, in its latest update it gives more importance to the images, however, they must have sufficient quality and be correctly optimized, otherwise they will pass unnoticed for robots.

Study the evolution of your visits. Consult analytics, classify your data by hours, keywords and traffic sources. Identify trends and take advantage of this information, be flexible in the face of increases in traffic and conversions, find out when is the best time to create specific offers.

Prepare your site for mobile phones and tablets.Spain is one of the countries with the highest penetration of smartphones, are you ready for it, have you checked how your website looks on your mobile ? If the loading of your website is slow, you do not have a version for mobile devices, you will be losing an important market niche.

Google maps, presence required. 59% of consumers use Google at the end of the month to find a local business. Google, aware of its importance, includes results of geo-localized cards of companies no less than on its front page, are you going to miss the opportunity to be there? Do not think twice, create and optimize your Google Places listing.

YouTube, the second largest search engine worldwide. In your content generation strategy you should not miss the creation of videos. Register your Youtube channel, customize it and upload your videos. These have to be of an interesting and attractive subject for the users; Following the previous example, you could record a recipe for the popular Valencian paella or take a small tour around the beaches of Valencia, where you can not miss a tasting of typical products in a restaurant in the area, in this case yours.

QR codes. These graphics composed of black and white squares that you see in the door of establishments and graphic advertisements (press, bus shelters or posters) are a real source of possibilities, use them for promotions, discount coupons, invite to participate in your actions of social networks, shows your catalog of products … the possibilities are endless. You can create them in a few minutes, without any production cost and they have great potential in order to incite users to action.

Lean with social networks. It is popularly said that if you are not in Google you do not exist, but if you are not in social networks, even if you exist, your audience will never know. They are the undisputed queens of the network, the ideal meeting point where you can meet your potential clients:

Facebook facilitates engagement, the ideal place to show your most personal side, your tastes, hobbies and know-how. Speak here with your clients, encourage their interaction, have them recommend you, take care of them and they will know how to respond.

Twitter is the channel of immediacy by antonomasia, a powerful weapon for manhood. Monitor the trends that are happening around you and launch your message. Here the answer is immediate, if you know how to sharpen your aim, you will hit the nail on the head.

Google+ has the great advantage of having a plug in Google, which collects in its search results those elements where your contacts have pressed the characteristic +1 button. Start a campaign to harvest +1 on the web, from your website in general, through each article, to your videos, images …
Pinterest, the newcomer to social media, has entered through the front door, becoming the social network that provides the most referential traffic. People like to share, and if it is in a useful, better way. Include the Pinterest widget on your website, call an ideas contest for new products, upload your “pin of the day” profile and encourage your contacts to vote for it … the limit is set by you.

As you can see, on the internet there are no big or small, it is a field with equal opportunities for all, trace your path and you will achieve your goal. What initiatives have you launched on the internet? How have your users responded?

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