To succeed we must not only do business, you have to solve a problem

Until consumers have a problem to solve and it will be continually in search of its solution. We are all looking for ways simpler and faster to simplify our lives every day. Fortunately for entrepreneurs there are still many things that could be improved, from the products already on the market. That said the biggest problem for most startupper is to identify the right problem which combine the best possible solution.

Here are some ideas to get you started on the right foot…

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Image Source: Google image

Focus to create a must-have rather than a nice to have product

Consumers are deluged daily embarrassment of choice. The span is always steeper in the era of multitasking and only a few products manage to get noticed, because they are able to position itself as the must-have (and do not want the have). Also consumer needs are changing rapidly and it is increasingly difficult to fully meet their needs. For this to work, you need to create something different and better, satisfying the expectations of the target in terms of improvement of products already on the market.

Solve big problems

Google has improved the search. Amazon has simplified purchases and sales online. Netflix has revolutionized the streaming of movies and TV series on demand. Uber is trying to improve the car services on-demand. What you’re able to make it easier or better? What is the biggest problem you want to solve? To capture the attention of customers can start satisfying their needs but this will hardly make the leap. If you can identify a critical issue that you’re able to solve, then you will have in your hands a really important business.

Your company should be your passion

Some entrepreneurs try to solve problems with which they identify or feel particularly close. They chose this path because more than half, to enjoy the journey. You will need inspiration, commitment and perseverance, for this you will need to nurture a passion for what you do.

Drew Houston, co-founder of Dropbox, during the farewell speech of 2013 at MIT said: “The more people happy and successful I have known not only love what they do, but they are literally obsessed with solving a major problem, something truly meaningful to them.”

The passion will give you the ability to execute, but if you are not as strong on delivery is not going anywhere. The products that meet a real need are easy to sell and will not need to create a need that your product meets, because customers will recognize him automatically.

No one wants to start a business that is unable to survive. Do your homework and make sure that there is good market for your idea. Starting a company is not enough. Solve a real problem and respond to a specific need will increase rather dramatically your chances of success.

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