common mistakes

7 common mistakes that a freelance developer

Being a freelance developer is a rewarding career that allows you to meet many different people and work in a variety of interesting projects. But nevertheless, there are some obstacles that you can take to lose money, customers and even your reputation.

These are the most common mistakes made by freelance developers you should avoid for your independent business is profitable.

common mistakes
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1. Underestimating your time

When working in a team, your teammates can replace you in a case of illness or any problems you may have with your tools. But when you’re the freelance developer, everything depends on you, so be sure to have some extra time for any unforeseen event that may arise.

2. Charging too little

You must set your price in a balanced way if you charge too little will not give you to cover your expenses and force you to take on too many projects to make up the difference. Think how much worth your time and effort, and set your prices accordingly.  

3. overreach

In addition to the above two points, if you accept too many projects have a problem. Do not get the end result you expected, you do not otherwise comply with the terms, and consequently your customers will not be happy. Be realistic and do not be afraid to reject projects.

4. Do not worry about customer needs

If you do not want to spend a lot of time doing project reviews, be sure to devote sufficient time to the planning stage to fully understand what the customer is looking for.

5. Do not use contracts

Contracts define the work and are used to clarify any differences between what the customer wants and what you can do for the agreed price. However, you must remember two things when you sign a contract. Be honest and flexible. Software projects always evolve as the application begins to take shape, and be flexible is a good way to improve your customer service.

6. Stop train you

The software industry moves very quickly, and a good freelance developer must constantly improve their ability to evolve with it. However, it is easy to let go when you are too busy. When this happens, you can stay behind. Book a time per month or week to refine and upgrade your skills or acquire new ones which are related to its services.

7. rest

Finally, make sure you take enough breaks. If you work too hard for too long you risk to block you and make mistakes. Software development requires concentration, and when it works too, the concentration level decreases. Take breaks during the day to stretch your legs and see something different from the code lines on the screen.

Developer, Are you freelance? What are your tricks to work better? Tell us about it!

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