Funeral catering: lucrative if not glamorous

Funeral catering may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it can be very lucrative. Many catering companies focus on this type of business as a niche market; however, it requires a particular, more sensitive approach than other more joyous occasions.

As a business decision, opting to cater for funerals is one that can pay off, as there is always a need for suppliers to meet ongoing demand.

Funeral catering
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It is important to remember that a level of respect, sensitivity and compassion needs to be adhered to when catering for a funeral and that input from families may not always be forthcoming. Additionally, you may need to understand cultural norms and customs and know what type of dishes are acceptable fare.

Creating funeral menus

If your business is equipped with a range of commercial catering equipment, such as that available at 247 catering supplies, you can offer a wider menu choice. Being able to provide hot and cold dishes and sweets and savouries improves your booking potential. Additionally, catering for sit down lunches or suppers or buffet-style receptions will ensure that a broader scope of clientele will choose to make use of your services.

Depending on the culture of the deceased’s family, there may also be preparation and serving requirements that you will need to be familiar with. These customs are something you and your employees will need to understand and respect, as at a time of grieving it is essential that they are observed.

Complexities of funeral catering

Although some funerals may be conducted on a grand scale, such as those of renowned personalities, most are quieter affairs organised by family members who may be somewhat out of their depth.

Often food and catering is not foremost in a family’s mind and the family members simply need a company that will ensure the mourners are sufficiently well fed. A family may suggest or request a few dishes, but otherwise it is up to the caterers to assess the suitability of a venue to see whether finger foods or a more substantial meal should be served.

Death is an inevitable in life and funeral caterers will always be needed. Although this industry may lack the glamour and excitement of weddings, it is a market that can be lucrative when approached in the correct manner.

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