ROI, the aspect most feared by companies in advertising and marketing strategies

The ROI is the force that drives most companies, but in turn, the aspect most feared by the difficulty that presents for many, its measurement, since accuracy here is very difficult to obtain.

The argument that is usually expressed is that no customer, after seeing an offer from us, runs to a store to acquire the product, but it is discovered, recorded in memory and acted upon at a much later date, with The margin of error of the ROI is very high.

However, the measurement of ROI can be a blessing for sellers and here we share some reasons for this.

1 – Documented validation. When a client is unhappy about the way things are going, we have the documents that prove otherwise (although they are somewhat outdated), and if he is right, we can change course.

2 – Help optimize resources. The commercialization is offered in multiple channels and knowing which of them are the ones that really give us results, is always a factor of optimization of resources.

3 – Increase risk conscientiously. If we are able to monitor the performance of our campaigns, we will be more comfortable to make decisions or risks that we would not otherwise make. Being able to measure allows us to limit expenses or increase them, depending on the result of our marketing campaign.

4 – Improvement of the budget. This is the most difficult thing, investing budget in channels that can make it difficult for us to reach our target audience. Having the real data in hand, we have many more possibilities to find the niche we are targeting.

5 – Better prospection. ROI helps companies anticipate and prepare for the future.

6 – Food for marketing collateral actions. Measuring the marketing ROI will allow us to feed our case studies, links, technical documents, with learning that would otherwise be more difficult to obtain.

7 – Better strategies. If we have good information in hand to easily evaluate and analyze the results, we can work on improving the global marketing strategy, adding different elements to make it more dynamic and practical.

With all this we can conclude that the only reason not to want to measure the ROI is the fear of facing it, but even in the worst case, it will allow us to change the course radically with what can only bring us benefits, regardless of the optical since we see it.

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