PRISA TV restructures the Marketing and Commercial areas

The General Management of the Business of Pay TV of PRISA TV has carried out a restructuring of the Marketing and Commercial areas, with the aim of establishing a clearly customer-oriented organization and optimizing the commercial management. The new structure of the General Directorate has been organized into three large areas.

The Marketing Department continues under the direction of Cristina Burzaco and incorporates to its current competences new responsibilities on Clients, Studies and Audiences. Among its main objectives is to focus the structure on the client, achieve greater coherence between recruitment and loyalty, ensure the global vision of information and build a brand of prestige for the consumer.

For this purpose, it has a team made up of Rafael LLopis, Director of Recruitment, Clients and Media; Álvaro Yusti, director of Research and Customer Knowledge and Germán Sela, director of Marca.

At the head of the three areas under the responsibility of Rafael Llopis are Arsenio Fernández (Recruitment), Rebeca González (Clients) and Mercedes Rodríguez (Medios). In turn, Álvaro Yusti will count on his team with Patricia Cebrián (Studies) and Omar Rois (Client Analysis).

On the other hand, the Commercial Management, headed by Miguel Córdoba, will be responsible for the commercial strategy, the orientation of sales to the client and results; of the optimization of the commercial management of all the channels of customer acquisition -adding them to the new digital reality-, and of guaranteeing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the technical services to the client. To achieve these objectives, the Commercial Directorate has been structured in four areas, led by Alberto Jiménez (Sales Network), Alberto Aragonés (Digital Media), Carlos Valera (Public Colectivities and Locals) and Randall Florín (Logistics). and Aftersales).

Finally, Felipe De Lucas continues in charge of the New Business Direction.

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