Social Networking: The power of alliances, synergies and professional relationships in Social Media

The professionals who dedicate ourselves to Social Media know well how important it is to maintain good and cordial relationships with other professionals, not only to strengthen our brand image, but to have the possibility of improving professionally speaking, since they are precisely the relationships between different professionals that can open new doors to new projects.

That is why we must try, as far as possible, to use the dospuntocero to reach the unopuntocero, that is, we must try to create alliances, synergies and relationships as personal as possible within the professional, or rather, humanize what more possible to deserve the face-to-face encounter with another colleague by profession.

Unfortunately, for reasons of distance, this is not always possible, but even so, we must try to achieve this goal.

However, events are a good place to network, to chat with other colleagues, to de-virtualize those we know only virtually or even to meet other professionals, which adds a very interesting component to professional relationships.

You never know where the opportunity of a new business or a new project will arise, so it is necessary and more than convenient to be attentive to the possibility of opening a door. To do this, the ideal is to have engaged in a conversation through social networks, since this way it will be easier to establish a chat with a professional, since we already know in advance their field of action and how they relate to Social Media before engage the unopuntocero conversation.

However, just as a sheriff can not go without his badge, a Social Media professional can not go anywhere without his business card, without saying “I’m X and this is my phone and this is my website or blog, Here you can find me. ” However, the best way to do Networking is, simply, to chat with other professionals, introduce ourselves, and engage in a conversation that, not necessarily must be related to the professional, but to be the preamble to what really interests us.

The attitude that we must have before Networking must be friendly. That is, when other users know us personally we must make the image that that professional has of us via Twitter is even better in real life than that has been formed in the networks, that will make our image much better and easier “Convince” him of the good professional that we are, since, at the end of the day it is about that.

Another interesting action is that of knowing someone in person, talking about him in networks, saying something like “it has been a pleasure to devirtualize …”

We must not forget at any time that Social Media is conversation, interaction and humane treatment, and, what is more human than knowing someone in person and chatting quietly?

The human is what characterizes relationships, be they professional or of any other kind, therefore, human treatment is what our Networking must also focus on.

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