If you think social media is expensive, try a reputation crisis

It seems incredible that, at this point, there are still companies that are not aware of the potential of Social Media or, moreover, that there are companies that, even knowing the possibilities it offers, do not want to take advantage of them for one reason or another.

On the other hand, there are companies that enter into social media by skimping to the maximum and trying to save every cent when it comes to establishing the presence of their brand in Social Networks, for which they hire people who offer much cheaper rates than others. professionals or, directly, they put the employee’s social profiles in charge of the social profiles of the brand, giving them a one-week course and making them the Community Manager of the company.

The amount of money that is necessary to invest to develop a strategic social media plan is the main reason why companies are reluctant to participate in it, and because they know the importance of establishing a strong online presence with the help of Different social platforms, put to handle people who are not prepared for it.

If we think that social media is expensive, let’s try a reputation crisis.

Users are increasingly demanding with brands, they increasingly ask them to have an impeccable reputation and a strong image, which is achieved with a good strategy, otherwise, we will be exposed to the person who handles the profiles dospuntocero Without any preparation or plan, we will not be able to face and solve situations that can cause us a lot of harm to our company.

It is necessary to always keep in mind that online reputation, and that which is not online, it takes a lot of work to earn it, it is not only a matter of time, but of hard work and good work, but it can come down in a few minutes.

It’s like virginity, it’s only lost once

Without online reputation, we will not offer customers confidence, so we will not sell our product and we will not be able to create a community, since users do not interact with the brands they do not trust, and, today, something very important for them. customers is that the companies they follow are able to talk to them one on one, creating a special relationship between customer and brand, which will strengthen their branding.

Therefore, it is much more than sales that we play when we enter social media, we can succeed or we can fall into the most absolute failure, and it all depends on who and how we develop our Social Media strategies, we play our reputation online and the trust of our community.

Are we going to take a chance?

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