Social networks: Without strategy there is no paradise!

Companies, both large and small, are increasingly aware of the importance of being part of the digital universe, particularly the impact that social networks exert on users. So much so that it is obvious that companies that do not have a presence in the digital medium are becoming invisible to many consumers.

From the point of view of Steve Nicholls, author of “Social Media in Business”, companies that do not embrace social media as a marketing tool are building their own grave. The truth is that the laggards are missing an incredible opportunity to promote their brand, apart from the fact that currently there are many platforms in which angry consumers can complain publicly and do a lot of damage to the brand for the rest of the users. If the brand is not even there, it will be even worse for her.

Taking all these data into account, it is normal that there are very few companies, corporations or non-governmental organizations that do not have a presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. But the truth is that one thing is to be in social networks and quite another to have a strategy that works in them and that of course does not violate the privacy of users.

Thus, proceeding with care is one of the most important things when surfing the Internet. From the point of view of Nicholls, the key is for companies to adopt a series of guides, that is, to have a clear strategy and to make it clear to their employees. For Nicholls, it is essential that employees and managers understand both the philosophy and the strategy of the companies in this type of media, and are aware of the importance of those conversations where the brand is present as well as comments, mentions and the flow of related information must be monitored and analyzed to keep reputation safe or avoid genuine crises.

For Nicholls, when you’re a good company, social networks will not necessarily make you a better company, but when you’re not a particularly good company, social networks will amplify those aspects and users will start saying things that you may not want to hear. Therefore, monitoring is essential. Companies must respond to these comments even if they are negative for them and they must also do it in the most educated way possible.

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