How to clean your fascias and soffits

Keeping all aspects of your house well-maintained is the best way of ensuring your house looks great. However, there is another way that making this effort can be beneficial: it also gives you the chance to look for any signs that you’ll need to do some repairs if any damage has occurred. One of these jobs should include cleaning underneath your eaves and at the edge of your roof where your fascia runs.

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Scrub away the dirt

Mix warm water and detergent into a bucket and use a large sponge. It is also a good idea to add some bleach to kill any mildew, but make sure you mix it in well. Once your ladder is in a good position, preferably where you can scrub the UPVC fascias and soffits simultaneously, you can start to remove the dirt. Don’t forget to concentrate on those areas where there is ingrained dirt trapped in the indented parts.

Rinse it off

To wash away all the grime you have scrubbed off, place a squeeze trigger nozzle to your garden hose and then turn the pressure onto high. Water pressure is one of the best ways to clean your UPVC fascias and soffits, but make sure you do not have it high enough to damage them or put yourself in danger by using it incorrectly. Rinse the entire area so it is free of bleach and detergent.

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Remove stubborn marks

You can use a stiff nylon brush for stains that are hard to get off with the sponge and for the louvers of soffit grills. You can also use a paint or razor scraper to get rid of the spots where insects or adhesives have been; if they’re particularly stubborn to remove, apply nail varnish remover on cotton wool. When it comes to spraying your grills, make sure you angle the water so less moisture gets through the vent. If you damage any areas, ensure you replace them as soon as possible with help from reliable companies such as

Further tips include making sure you cover any wiring, plants or anything else that could possibly be damaged by detergents and the overall cleaning. For your own safety, ensure your ladder has strong footing; having someone to hold it would be even better.

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