93% of men comment on the bargains that they have found through the internet

On rare occasions, men and women agree in opinion, tastes and ways to acquire products and / or services, including online. This has been shown by the study conducted by affilinet, which highlights the similarities, differences and preferences between men and women when they make purchases over the Internet and where it is stated that 84.3% of men buy online, compared to 77% Women’s.

However, when analyzing monthly spending, the percentages between the sexes are quite equal: 48.6% of men and 45% of women spend more than 50 euros a month online.

At the same time, the study highlights the strong influence of the opinions and reviews of other users before the people make an online purchase decision. This influence is 10 points higher in women than in men (38.8% vs. 28.6%). The survey also highlights that almost 24% of men research in social networks about their future purchases online, compared to 19.2%.

On the other hand, almost 68% of women said that the lowest price is the main reason behind their online shopping choices (63% in the case of men) and, in addition, they are the most valued discounts special offers and offers of products that are advertised online (57.3% compared to 52.5% of men).

This study aims to realize that there is still a percentage of society, especially women, who are still reluctant to buy online. Highlight in this regard the importance of online retailers continue to work for the consumer to trust and be loyal to the brand. Simple and reliable online forms of payment for your customers, make loyalty campaigns, or even encourage consumers with offers, discount vouchers or special discounts, are some of the techniques that help to increase and maintain the confidence of customers.

Although the percentage of women is slightly higher, the study has found that men also enjoy discussing with their environment what they find on the internet when making their purchases: 93% of men comment on the bargains found in the network, and also, 70.2% do it through the famous word of mouth.

When it comes to studying the type of purchases made online, women acquire more trips and men more technology.

Almost 67% of women tend to buy train tickets online, reservations for hotels or trips, compared with 57.6% of men. On the other hand, men prefer to buy items related to telecommunications (42.4%) or electrical equipment (55.3%), compared to 16.2% and 36.2% respectively of women.

Despite the fact that 45.4% of them acquire fashion on the Internet, 70% indicate that the main reason they do not proceed with a purchase is the impediment of testing their clothes and their sizes. We consider that it is a point where you have to work and communicate to customers, being very important that online retailers have a return service of articles without any additional expense for the buyer, so that the trust between the brand is built and the consumer.

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