Apple counterattacks to counter its reputation crisis with a new strategy of comparative advertising

It was expected. As anticipated, Apple has not been slow to react to implement all kinds of strategies and actions in order to counteract the effects of the reputation crisis that is facing the technical problems of your new iPhone.

Especially considering the number of detractors and means that try to sink even more in the wound of a wound that seems infected and from which Apple could take time to heal.

For this, apart from the solutions recently offered by the company itself to all its customers and users of the new iPhone, Apple does not stop for a single moment to try to regain its status and the so prized brand reputation with which it enjoyed until now.

Among them, highlight the staging of a new integrated microsite within its main website from which Apple intends to explain about the different aspects related to its antenna problem, while at the same time counter-attacking the competing brands that have been shown more harsh and critical in relation to the problems of the Iphone.

And no wonder why Apple, deals for everyone. Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and Nokia are present in this new microsite where Apple shows how some devices of these brands also experience the same coverage problems detected in the latest generation of iPhones.

Obviously, it can be said that more than a microsite of information, this responds and is part of an authentic campaign and comparative advertising strategy, which is known as a strategy with which companies or brands resort to compare their products against to those of other companies in order to highlight the advantages of their own products or services over those of their competitors.

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