Experts agree that suppressing advertising in times of crisis is a mistake

Experts in marketing and advertising consider “an error to suppress advertising in times of crisis”, as with this, factors such as the memory of the brand decreases considerably and as a consequence also the number of habitual and sporadic consumers, in addition to making it impossible to capture of new buyers and consumers.

This is one of the conclusions that emerges from one of the latest studies conducted by Zenithmedia in which the power and impact of advertising in the current market is analyzed, as well as the rest of the marketing variables and factors that are part of The sales strategies of a brand.

According to the information of the study, advertising investment is a key element to increase the sales of a product in the current economic situation, since it allows the brand to position itself as a leader in spontaneous advertising recall, in notoriety and achieve brand image stability in an increasingly competitive and saturated market.

The experts who participated in this study agree in their opinion that advertising investment is a “primordial” factor to obtain a successful strategy because it allows the brand to remain in the mind of the consumer and acquire it later at the point of sale.

Recently, Zenithmedia lowered to 4.1% the forecast of the fall advertising for this year despite the signs of economic recovery, which is more than two percentage points of difference over the forecasts of last February.

In this sense, Zenithmedia indicates that the most probable date for the exit of the crisis is located in the middle of the first quarter of next year 2011. However, despite an evident improvement after more than 2 years of falls in the advertising sector, companies and advertisers are knowing how to react correctly betting on a permanent and continuous advertising investment.

It is important to mention that times of crisis can also be an opportunity for many companies. The companies that manage to grow in difficult times are those able to identify scarce economic resources, use the strategic and creative power of marketing to optimize them and, consequently, find valid replacement alternatives.

The companies that will survive will be those that look to the future, but never forgetting that the future depends on the results of the present. There is no doubt that companies need new products, new campaigns, new services, but the control of results is crucial for the good development of a company, whether small, medium or large.

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