Becoming social networks in collective networks

The great challenge facing companies a few years ago was to implement a coherent system of social networks and the business environment in which they moved. With more or less success, after all, following a universal guide, it is easy to set up a presence of our brand on the Internet. Come, bah, you ride in a helicopter and leave you in the middle of the mountain. So far it is simple, and even free: requires no special skills or human or technical. The ROI is brutal, ultra-liberal dogmas led economy to one end or outlined by Ayn Rand in him ecstatic state itself:

(X Factor investment 0) (0 x Factor training)% u2013 (nx hours) = “Come let us”

Then comes the monitoring, optimization SEO, and everyone will think you are up to the top. Undertake laudable as foolish adventures, such as multichannel madness (options for a company of formwork, LinkedIn for a paint shop). When Paul McCartney wrote “Here, There & Everywhere” was not thinking of his wife, but in the embattled and labeled itself “Community Manager” and his obsession ubiquity. Multiple platforms, distortion secured message, do not hesitate.

Becoming social networks in collective networksAnd from there, even the best of cyber sherpas, with his backpack full of “foolproof” tricks (quotation marks and italics best ever used), saves the company running out of oxygen in their attempt to climb to the top, Mourinho would say, of the great mountain called business. Business or e-business. Until you have a million bitcoins in your pocket, I keep thinking about the tinkling sound of euros, and that the business realm that’s of this world.

What it touches? Inbound marketing. Returning to the musical evocations, go to play in big stadiums where nobody buys you the disk, small rooms where a host of bitter tasted the bouquet of your music, your product. At the end of the day, they will be partners in creation.

And its transfer to the user environment relationships and brand, is to overcome the social network paradigm collective network. Wow!, sure you thought I write this under the influence of a hallucinogen, and nothing is further from reality.

As a reflection of the zeitgeist of the moment, social networks have a certain grade and listless, despite an undeniable structuring functional key (demographic, socioeconomic status …). Levels of participation, interaction and correlation of synergistic loops (take ya, how nice!) remains meager. Or at least, you should always be well received by the Social Media Strategist of the company.

Content is the King, we know. But the great challenge of the company, in addition to generating strong leads, is to integrate the community into an effective communication scheme. The classic script for converting devout followers. And to swell to buy your product, missing more.

Conversing Collaborate Share = Coca-Cola formula

Hey I am not, has cast me a spoiler! Here is the good:

Conversing Collaborate Share = Red Collective

Let the social network to the collective network. And here, I’ll shut up and give way to an excerpt from Wikipedia referring to coordinated and competent in a permanent development exercise, groups and I will say if we use everyday are social networks or collective networks. We still have to reach the second summit.

“Collective intelligence is a distributed intelligence everywhere, omnipresent, ubiquitous, constantly valorized, coordinated in real time, resulting in an effective mobilization of skills Nobody knows everything, everyone knows something.. All knowledge is in conjunction This is adding it, transform it, do as (customize) and render it himself, interacting in the same virtual environment of knowledge.”

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