The metamorphosis of marketing, it’s time to tell good stories

In case you have not noticed, the marketing has changed: it has become a “new world” in a new general state of things. Consumers do not like outdated marketing methods have been pushing broadcast on television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Consumers are reacting more positively to those areas where they can be more involved and interacting way. Not only that, consumers are now deciding how they want to receive our marketing messages.

Consumers choose where they want to receive your messages

Computers, smart phones and tablets have become stiff competition for traditional communication channels. Consumers are much more mobile.Reach them in their chairs while watching their big screen TVs is no longer the best way to reach them. The reality is that the vast majority are up to date through their computers or mobile devices, where they can from being at the time of the news, connect to friends through social networks, search for products or information of interest, and actually everything what do you need.

In a world where consumers are addicted to being connected with everyone everywhere, we as business owners have to make adjustments in our marketing strategies.

The metamorphosis of marketing, it's time to tell good storiesThe “Marketing Pressure” (traditional broadcast marketing) is giving way to “Attraction Marketing” and this requires publish attractive and full of value content: attract the user rather than push him!

Now we have to be more sellers, we have to be storytellers. Stories help us understand the world. Can you think of a better place social media to share good content and stories?

It is true that traditionally, when we have ventured to set up a web as a showcase of our company, what we have known for sure is that we should include such clear sections such as: who we are, services offered and contact details. This, of course is essential, it means that there are millions of Internet sites that remain static, without updates, abandoned …. dead.When we admit that we should be us who have to lure them there, … then the big challenge appears. Do you need to update content? Do we have to write stories?

Well, you choose, but if you want to get the media that offers new online marketing, social networking etc … Do you want to publish only the slogan of your company as a mantra? If that’s not what you want, I’m sorry, but do not choice but to put to generate content to attract your potential customers knowing where they are and choosing the content they like and in the media that they like!

Well, once we have passed this first step, you better know some tips that will facilitate the experience when we prepare to develop our content or tell stories that can be shared:

Customer Testimonials

The job is easier if your customers write something about you, for you. Has solved problems for customers: Share a problem of a client and develop as solved simultaneously generates confidence that if problems are solved and simultaneously generate a knowledge base for all other users.

Tips and tricks

People see tips and tricks as trade secrets.

Industry news

Develop our opinion or view on industry news makes us more transparent, it allows us to know and what is the philosophy of our business: our way of seeing things. AH !! but NEVER COPIES OF OTHER WEBS CONTENT IN YOUR WEB: apart from saying very little about you, google will get a cross for “duplicate content” and that to google … not like anything !!

Now you have ideas about what to write, …, what you do with your content ?, where are you going to publish it?

Blog.  I know, I know, you do not have time to blog, but the blog lets you share your stories in your own field, “home” and lets your readers to participate by commenting on what you’ve shared.

Social media

  • Grabs your stories and post them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, or even Instagram (telling stories through images is always a winning combination). Post them on social networks where your users, your potential customers are: study them.
  • Each social network has its own rules, language, … No midas all with the same brush, customize them, possibly users of each are different, …
  • Encourages comment and share your stories.
  • Incorporated into your social networks links to other sources of information that really are of interest to your readers
  • Avoid being pedantic: people do not like to be hearing all day how good you are, … focus on as being helpful rather than give aggrandizement.

Text messages

How do you react when you receive an SMS or an “guasap”? people go to the phone as an arrow! Think about it and you can start building your list of text marketing (based on permission, of course). Sending links to your content, new products / servicios..Pero the same as people go to the phone as an arrow, you can also end up rejecting you by “pesao”: Use it to measure, just as you would make use of it with you.

Email marketing

Although it may be considered as “Marketing pressure” if you use it well, people can still respond and participate in the conversation by simply pressing the answer button. If you have valuable content included, along with an irresistible call to action, if you incite them to respond, and they do, then you have succeeded.

To make a good attraction marketing, whatever medium you choose for broadcast, please note that your account must not be based on sales. People want people “across” to provide valuable information that tells them how you can solve problems … without selling. When you offer valuable content, then people see you as the expert, … and sales come: Attraction Marketing.

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