Lawn and border edging: a matter of personal taste

Caring for your lawn is vital for keeping your garden attractive. A neat edge to the lawn can go a long way towards enhancing its overall appearance, but there are different ways to achieve this. Choosing your ideal edging is really down to personal taste.

Lawn and border edging

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General lawn care

Lawns need feeding in Spring to stay in tip top condition. Apply fertilizer before rain or when the ground is damp. If necessary another feed can be applied later.

Spring is the time to deal with moss and weeds. If gaps are left or the grass is thin, you can over-seed in the spring or autumn.

Watering your lawn is not always necessary, and grass can recover even after a really dry spell. If you need to water, you can ensure the water penetrates to the roots by aerating hard ground beforehand.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, mowing your lawn regularly keeps it in good health. Using hand propelled petrol lawn mowers can make the job easier, particularly if you have a large lawn.

Lawn edges

Some people prefer the natural look of plants overlapping from the border to the grass, but this makes mowing difficult.

A definite edge can be maintained in various ways. Possibly the most simple method is to cut a neat edge with a half moon tool. The disadvantages of this are that it will need to be repeated once or twice during the year to keep it looking neat and it will eventually reduce the size of your lawn.

Laying paving stones between the lawn and the border is a traditional way of edging, but is difficult to change if you decide you would like to move the border later on.

Gardeners World claims that edging your lawn with bricks can minimise labour, and these can be laid in a variety of patterns to add interest as well as a crisp edge.

Modern edging materials include metals and plastics that you insert into a slit at the edge of the lawn. For any lawn, regular mowing is essential and this can be achieved with hand propelled petrol lawn mowers by Chiff Chaff.

Whichever method of edging your lawn you choose, it is important to have something that shows where the lawn ends and the border begins.

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