The only thing that Nelson could see from his Column

Trafalgar square is one of the most iconic places in London. It was built to celebrate one of the greatest victories of the Nation in a battle that meant that Britainnia finally ruled the waves andsetting up the creation of the British Empire. The architect of this great win was Lord Nelson and a statue to him sits atop a column in the centre of the square. As he looks out at St Martin’s in the Fields, the stone lions and the unfinished plinth there was a time that his view was obscured by a very common bird. This was the pigeon and they certainly made a right mess of his stone appearance.

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Trafalgar Square had so many pigeons it was becoming quite ridiculous. It was certainly a job for a Pest Control Chelmsford based company to come and remove them. If you have a similar problem Find out more about pest control in Chelmsford by clicking the link. The pigeons were everywhere. Not only were they leaving large amounts of guano they were also stealing food. It wasn’t the bird’s fault. They were only responding to the seed being fed to them via the many tourists that bought it from the vendors.

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Slowly word got around amongst the birds (pigeons are very intelligent) that there was a ready source of food available. There were not only seeds there were also human food leftovers like crisps and donuts too. The selling of bird food was banned, anti landing devices installed and even a couple of Harris Hawks added which soon reduced the numbers.

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