The highlights of Cirencester

Few places in the UK can match the beauty and the vibe of Cirencester. It is a homely little town that has much to offer the visitor or those that chose to settle here. There is a vibrant trade in houses for sale and its certain that you’ll need someone with some local knowledge like Conveyancing Cirencester based company to get you the property that you want. What are some of the main draws to the place?

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  1. The Parish Church. This classic Gothic church with a tower can be seen for miles around the surrounding area. There was a time when you could go up the tower and get panoramic views. If the builders had gone up just twelve more inches the building would have been classed a cathedral and the town would be a city.
  2. Cirencester Park. This tree lined and fully laden landscape has the poet Alexander Pope to thank for its design. Near its Polo ground you can find Pope’s seat, with some trees removed in the distance so he could get a view of Kemble Churches’ spire.

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  1. Shopping. There are plenty of boutique shops to wander around and a proper market every Monday and Wednesday. Cirencester is blessed with all of the regular mainstream shops but a visit to Scotts on Castle Street, a proper Gentleman’s Outfitters and Roxton Sporting if you fancy looking at country sports outfits.
  2. Pubs. You really are spoilt for choice with Pubs. The two main pubs are the Bear, The Crown and the Black Horse. All of them offer a great choice of beers and ciders plus a good meal.

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