The Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Known as the Emerald Isle, it is no surprise that there are so many great places to visit in Ireland. Known for its amazing natural beauty, stunning beaches and historic architecture, Ireland has much to offer visitors who come here from around the world. If you want to experience the true flavour of Ireland, you have to make your way to its incredible countryside. The charm and mystique of this untouched land of Ireland is something that you can only get by visiting it yourself and exploring what is within this spectacular area.

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You have the option of seeing the fantastic and picturesque Killarney. Located in the south west of Ireland, Killarney offers great shopping and dining, as well as beautiful landscapes that are filled with wildlife. Here, you will get the chance to view the spectacular views of Killarney and Ross Castle, as well as some of the best fishing that Ireland has to offer.

To complete your wonderful visit to Ireland, you should also take a trip to the ruggedly beautiful island of Aran. Known for the stunning landscapes and the engaging local culture, Aran is famed for its woollen sweaters. For souvenir Aran Sweaters, find a stylish Aran Sweater Range at Shamrock Gifts

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You might not think of Ireland as a country for beaches but if you’re keen to try some surfing, you’ll not be disappointed. Being exposed to the powerful North Atlantic provides ample opportunity and some stunning beaches with which to grab a board. All in all, from the north to the south, you will find a number of incredible places to visit in Ireland.


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