Signs You Have a Computer Virus

If you think your computer is infected with a computer virus, then there are a few signs you have a virus that you need to be able to look for. Viruses often have the same appearance as actual software on your computer. This means that if you have ever suspected that your computer is infected, you should take a look at what programs are sitting on your hard drive. Here are a few signs that you need to look for when you think that you have a virus on your computer:

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The first sign that you have a virus is that you may experience a lot of pop up advertisements. Pop up ads are annoying because they come at you while you are doing something on your computer. Sometimes these pop ups will cause your system to slow down, or even crash. If you notice that your computer is crashing or that it is slowing down, then you may have a virus. Other signs that you have a virus is that you may find a new program in your beginning menu every time you start up the computer, and you may also find that new files take forever to load in the start menu. For help with Cyber security Risk Management, contact Cyber security Risk Management at JMP Cyber

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The last one of the signs you have a computer virus is that you may get pop ups for Adware and Spyware. These are not going to help your computer, and if you ever start to see these pop ups, then you know that you have a virus. You should remove these immediately because they are going to slow down the performance of your computer.

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