What Diseases Can Affect Your Grass

If you have moved into Park Homes Gloucestershire way such as the ones from Park Home Life you will want to make the most of the garden that you have and there are a number of things that can affect the quality of your grass.  One of the worst diseases that you will find affecting your grass is dandelion. This small and white flower can cause your grass to die quickly and you will not even be able to recognise it. Dandelions like any other insect or plant can destroy the nutrients in your soil, so you must do all that you can to get rid of them.

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Another disease that you should know about is the root disease that affects your grass. If you have a nice healthy lawn, this can be a good thing but if you have a lawn with a lot of roots, this can be bad news for your grass. Root disease can rot your grass and kill the roots. Once this happens, the grass will not be able to grow properly and it can become an ugly patch. You may even be able to see some of the roots going down to the ground.

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There is also one disease that can attack your grass and if you know what it is, you will be prepared. Fusca is a very common disease that can attack your grass and kill the grass. It can attack your grass from the soil up and you need to treat it before it takes over. If you know what kind of disease you have, you can treat it quickly before it is too late.

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