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If the product is not the best, can the customer be the difference?

What is most important when you want to conquer the market? On this point there are several theories. Some think that a good product could not be sold if it had behind an enormous marketing effort, however good it may be. Some also argued that marketing can not work miracles if there is a good product to sell.

The truth is that without a good product is difficult to get ranked among the best in the market. Consider, for example, in Apple products. What is it that made Apple were to become the brand it is today, after so many years that their products had become a sort of pariah in the world of new technologies? They re-signing Steve Jobs and this led the company on the path to create an innovative and disruptive product. And yes, they managed to create a whole story behind the product that made this call her our attention.

And once it is clear that a brand should always try to get have the best product segment, you have to take a reality: not always a product – much effort devoted to it – is the best of its market. What can be done then to make a difference? How to get the customer is genuinely happy with the service or product and prefer – even – on which in theory are superior? The answer may lie in how they treat the customer. The customer service can make the difference for a company when your product is not the best. Continue reading If the product is not the best, can the customer be the difference?