If the product is not the best, can the customer be the difference?

What is most important when you want to conquer the market? On this point there are several theories. Some think that a good product could not be sold if it had behind an enormous marketing effort, however good it may be. Some also argued that marketing can not work miracles if there is a good product to sell.

The truth is that without a good product is difficult to get ranked among the best in the market. Consider, for example, in Apple products. What is it that made Apple were to become the brand it is today, after so many years that their products had become a sort of pariah in the world of new technologies? They re-signing Steve Jobs and this led the company on the path to create an innovative and disruptive product. And yes, they managed to create a whole story behind the product that made this call her our attention.

And once it is clear that a brand should always try to get have the best product segment, you have to take a reality: not always a product – much effort devoted to it – is the best of its market. What can be done then to make a difference? How to get the customer is genuinely happy with the service or product and prefer – even – on which in theory are superior? The answer may lie in how they treat the customer. The customer service can make the difference for a company when your product is not the best.

If the product is not the best, can the customer be the differenceHow and why seduce via customer?

The customer can cover their shortcomings

The mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) operating on the network of traditional carriers. That is, they give telecommunications service in a way that oversimplify, could be similar to the products they sell white markings.Opt for lower prices and raw material left in the hands of others. Of course, in this game, the operators? Own ‘are those who have before all technological innovations. They are the ones who bring the latest phones and they are the ones who benefit before improvements in technology, such as 4G.

And yet many customers swear up and would not let his OMV by one of the big ones. Why? The price plays a lot going for it, but have also done something that traditional companies in the sector were not doing anything right. Their customer service is, in the case of the best placed OMV, quite impeccable. They have not only brought nearby but have also made social networks (with its immediacy) an effective and quick tool to solve problems.

Large customer fail

Many large companies fail, as just shown the example of telecommunications operators in customer service. Services customer service are far from the consumer or managed by workers who know the product or its implications (which in the case of companies related to the technology sector can be fatal: it should never be the means most experienced consumer the worker customer brand), creating bad taste in the user and generates a negative brand recall.

The customer will take a year to forget that bad experience , no matter howgood the product of that greater competition and service to offer superior customer will make a significant difference.

If the customer can work for larger companies, why he would not do for small?

One of the best things about buying a Kindle ereader is that Amazon gives a very good customer care. The Kindle is a ereader of high quality and possibly the best on the market, although they have certain problems for the consumer (such as the fact that they are linked to the purchase of ebooks on Amazon to read in the terminal) that could benefit others competitors. And in the battle of electronic readers also it had models with a possibly higher quality (and higher prices) that have ended up dying or ceasing to be sold in some markets. Amazon has done not only to buy an ebook is very simple but also solve any related problem it is. You need only connect to the chat operating its customer service and they give you a very quick and effective response. And when the physical product gives problems, usually quick to change and resolve.

The customer is not just for big companies. The SMEs can also get to have a service costumer, even if they can not possibly match the product that large corporations (and their incredible product development budgets) can have.In addition, the smaller size of these companies helps to give a more personal and closer to the customer relationship touch.

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