Wellington in New Zealand to Host Netball Indoor World Cup

Netball teams will be training hard for the next few months in anticipation of winning medals in the World Cup being hosted in New Zealand in August.

Countries from around the world will be represented in the Open Indoor Netball World Cup, which is being held in Wellington, New Zealand, from August 20 to 27.

Wellington in New Zealand to Host Netball Indoor World Cup
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England is among those looking forward to competing in the prestigious event and will be hoping to better the success of the Women’s Open team which won a silver medal in 2014 and the U18 Ladies, who won gold in Brisbane in October 2015.

It is a relatively new competition, with the first Indoor Netball World Cup being held in Australia in 2001. The sport is enjoyed in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa.

Indoor netball is a fast-paced version of the sport, as the games are played inside high-tension netted indoor courts. The nets stop the ball from going out of play, which creates a fast and furious sport that is exciting for the players and the spectators.

There are two versions of the game: the standard 7’s netball and the faster 6’s netball, which is more popular.

Indoor Netball Is More Challenging

Often people are introduced to the sport at school, where they usually play outdoors. The indoor game is more exciting and also means that participants can enjoy their favourite sport whatever the weather.

Play Netball to Tone Your Body

It’s a lively team sport, so taking up netball again means you can increase your circle of friends while keeping fit.

Your figure will be much better too. With all the running and jumping, side-stepping and sprinting, your legs will be very toned in no time.

Taking part in a competitive game like netball is a super workout, and you won’t even notice how hard you are pushing your body.

As well as playing games, your coach should be keeping training sessions interesting by introducing a wide variety of netball drills and tactics. By practising these drills, which you can find on websites such as http://www.sportplan.net/, you will improve your game and keep mentally fit as you try out new techniques.

You can find local netball teams to join through social media or keep an eye out for news in your local newspapers.

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